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    ConnectiviTree signs up transatlantic partner Windstream  


    Emerging European data transport network provider gains US entry for its fibre footprint 

    ConnectiviTree, which is currently pulling together a wholesale layer 1 and 2 fibre-based network in Europe has signed a deal with US fibreco Windstream Wholesale allowing both parties to offer service provider partners and large enterprises optical transport services.  

    Windstream’s long-haul optical networks currently provide up to 400G wave services and will support 800G transmission in the future. Recent reports suggest the wholesale arm, on what was essentially a rural telco supporting SMEs, may be put up for sale at some stage.  

    The European optical data transport provider has been pulling together capacity across the continent with the stated aim of connecting more than 250 Points of Presence within Europe and beyond by 2025 with capacities of up to 200Tbps between major cities. The US deal with Windstream, marks the first step in ConnectiviTree’s plan to establish a loftily titled Global Alliance Network. 

    “This [deal] fits very well into our network expansion and further leverages our pan-European core network build in support of our European customer sales channel base,” said ConnectiviTree president and CEO Paul Cox. “We believe the Windstream ConnectiviTree alliance will unlock a multitude of emerging business, supporting a long-term relationship between our two rapidly moving companies.” 

    Quietly beavering away 

    In the past six months, ConnectiviTree has signed several capacity deals as it sets about building its network in Western Europe. 

    In January, digital infrastructure provider GlobalConnect Carrier signed a deal with ConnectiviTree to deliver dark fibre, long haul and access services in Northern Europe. ConnectiviTree will provide value added services on the top towards its customers. 

    In April, Italy’s Fiber Telecom and ConnectiviTree signed a long-term cooperation agreement that will extend ConnectiviTree fibre network footprint in the country. In return, Fiber Telecom joined ConnectiviTree’s global partner network program.  

    As part of the agreement Fiber Telecom has agreed to utilise ConnectiviTree’s planned network design which the telco claims will have “superior network security; multiple, redundant data network and routing capabilities; in-house maintenance and assurance control; dedicated and unique fibre routes.”  

    In May, ConnectiviTree signed an agreement to buy dark fibre on Eurofiber’s 66,700 km four-country fibre network, and Eurofiber will have an option to extend its strategic network reach on ConnectiviTree’s pan-European network. 

    And in June, former Deutsche Telekom board member and current non-executive director at Australian incumbent Telstra, Niek Jan van Damme, joined ConnectiviTree’s board and will have a big role in building the service provider’s Global Alliance. 

    Simple service mix 

    ConnectiviTree plans to offer Ethernet, Wavelength and Spectrum services. Ethernet services will range from 1Gbps to 400Gbps with multiple configuration options. Wavelength services will include OTU-4, 100GE and 400GE. 

    For spectrum services, ConnectiviTree operates a photonic line system with a flexible grid in the C- and L-Band that is open to support coherent transponders or a bundle of individual wavelengths from a third-party transport system. Customers will get a subset of the C-Band spectrum on their desired routes, allowing them to use their own coherent transponders to transport data. The telco will manage the spectrum and ensure grid security and privacy.