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    Creating Digital Customer Experience for the “Generation Z” Telecommunications Customers


    As digitization has transformed the telecommunications landscape, the new and next generations of telco customers have become more demanding. Not only do they want always on services that are reliable and intuitive, they require everything at lightning speed. CSPs need to rise to these challenges to deliver digital customer experience for Generation Z at a higher level than ever before.

    Comarchs new white paper, entitled Putting the Digital Customer Experience at the Heart of Telco Omnichannel Strategies, explores the challenges facing CSPs in this respect, and looks at some ways in which they can be addressed.

    For operators, success in creating digital customer experience for this generation of customers requires transformation on many levels. Telcos must make the most of new digital technologies, and in many cases re-think their entire business philosophy. But they must also face the fact that their customers are now center stage and failure to deliver the kind of digital experience that they seek could lead to migration to other operators who are more ready, willing and able to do just that.

    The white paper outlines some of the frustrations facing telco customers, and explains why its important for CSPs to pay close attention to digital interaction. It shows what Generation Z customers expect, and describes how solutions such as digital invoicing, a channel-less approach, catalog-driven operations and independent business logic can help deliver outstanding digital customer experience.

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