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    Derdack launches message master xsp 7


    Derdack, provider of enterprise notification software and mobile messaging platforms, today announced that it had launched the latest version of its mobile messaging platform message master xsp.

    Derdack says that with message master xsp 7, wireless application service providers (ASP) can create, customise and roll out mobile messaging services and applications in days or even hours using the powerful, graphical Application Design Studio and message master xsp’s library of plug and play services that include: Facebook SMS and MMS; Bulk marketing campaigns; Outlook Mobile Service for SMS/MMS; Web Messenger; and SMS/MMS for internet browsers

    Version 7 features a fully revised, browser-based user interface that allows wireless ASPs to rapidly design, deploy and manage SMS and MMS value added services (VAS). Design of new services can be achieved using simple drag & drop actions via a few mouse-clicks, says Derdack.

    Matthes Derdack, Managing Director of Derdack said: “message master xsp 7 is an advanced product that uniquely combines the functionality of a messaging gateway with powerful features for rapid service design and customization.  Although SMS and MMS software has been around for nearly a decade this is the first time ASPs have had access to a mobile messaging platform that offers such a breadth of services out of the box that can be deployed in a short timeframe.”

    Derdack says that message master xsp 7 can help companies effectively bridge the gap between the mobile world and the Internet using SMS and MMS.  For example, the Facebook application allows ASPs to instantly provide their users with a SMS and MMS-based Facebook experience.  Once the application has been deployed, Facebook users can sign up online and immediately begin publishing updates and photos to their profile from any phone through SMS and MMS. Wireless ASPs can therefore capitalise on the explosive growth in the popularity of Facebook and benefit from the revenues generated by the resulting message traffic.

    SMS/MMS via Microsoft Outlook is another application that is packaged and ’ready to use’. ASPs can now offer services that allow SMS and MMS to be sent and received from within Microsoft Outlook. It builds on the integrated functionality of Microsoft Outlook and requires no extra software to be installed on the PC.

    The availability of a range of pre-packaged applications in a mobile messaging software product is a first for the industry, and is expected to be particularly attractive to smaller service providers who would otherwise have to invest in developing their own applications and services.

    Matthes Derdack added: “message master xsp 7 guarantees a jump-start into the growing mobile messaging business, especially in emerging markets. It enables companies to build and deploy new VAS services within minimal effort to achieve maximum reward without tying up developer resources.  It offers the message routing, tracking and reporting that wireless ASPs expect whilst providing reliability and scalability. ASPs from emerging markets are already showing strong interest.”