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    Deutsche Glasfaser begins Rödermark rollout


    German altnet Deutsche Glasfaser has broken ground on the construction of its FTTP network in Rödermark, Hesse.

    The telco is deploying ultrafast connectivity at the town’s Urberach and Ober-Roden business parks with the aim of attracting new investment and helping companies already based at these sites to undertake digital transformations. Deutsche Glasfaser announced the rollout back in August 2017; it is due to be completed by the end of this year.

    According to Hessen Trade and Invest (HTAI), 84.5 percent of companies in Hesse are connected to at least 50-Mbps broadband.

    “But we want more,” said HTAI Managing Director Rainer Waldschmidt. “The fibreglass expansion is enormously important in order to be at the forefront of development. The comprehensive expansion of the two business parks in the town of Rödermark is an important building block.”

    Laying fibre will also help Rödermark prepare for future 5G services, Deutsche Glasfaser said.

    “In global competition, companies can only survive if digitisation is based on powerful networks,” said Rödermark Mayor Roland Kern. “This will only be achieved by fibre-optic connections in the foreseeable future.”

    Step one of the deployment will see Deutsche Glasfaser dig cable ducts; at the same time, it will begin carrying out building inspections with customers to identify where to hook up the fibre.

    Deutsche Glasfaser’s announcement comes just days after incumbent Deutsche Telekom broke ground on its Hamburg FTTP deployment, which aims to connect 1,000 businesses to ultrafast broadband by the second quarter of 2019.