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    Deutsche Telekom adds to security portfolio with specialist apps


    Deutsche Telekom has launched new security products for Android and Firefox devices, including a cloud-based encryption app that conceals voice and texts.

    The Germany-based operator is pre-installing an Android app on devices in its German, Croat, Hungarian and Greek markets for free. The app is designed to protect against malware, phishing, privacy threats and loss of data in the event of theft or the smartphone going missing.

    It said it has also developed a privacy product in conjunction with the Mozilla Foundation for Firefox smartphones. Users will be able to set their security levels, for example, by choosing how much detail app sellers get based on location data. DT said certain features of the solution will be built into Firefox devices.

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    DT also launched a cloud-based encryption app that conceals voice and texts along the entire transmission path. Two devices that use the service swap temporary encryption codes. DT is targeting the feature at Android handsets, with an iOS version planned. It is operated by T-Systems along with German company GSMK.

    In addition, the operator has become the latest to develop a dual persona product, using a Samsung device. It features an open area that is built for personal use, with a closed area for sensitive business information.

    Meanwhile, DT revealed its SiMKo 3 smartphone, which was first revealed last year, has received accreditation by the Federal Office for Information Security for the handset to protect classified information for business use only.

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    The operator said it is looking to bring a tablet and laptop device to the SiMKo range in the coming months.

    The operator is showcasing the products in its security portfolio at this week’s CeBIT in Hanover.

    Dr Jürgen Kohr, head of the Cyber-Security unit at T-Systems, said: “Smartphones are phones combined with high-performance computers. But in most cases we are far too lax in their use. With our new offerings for smartphone security, we want to close this very gap and put customers back in charge of their own data and security level.”

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    Thomas Tschersich, Head of IT Security at Deutsche Telekom, added: “Our portfolio is not complete yet, of course. But we would rather distribute the first solutions quickly, to help sensitize the public, than wait too long with a comprehensive package.”

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