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    Telecom Italia boosts uplink speeds with NSN trial


    Telecom Italia has hit uplink speeds of up to 11Mbps as part of a new trial of Nokia Solutions and Networks’ high-speed uplink packet access (HSUPA) 16QAM technology.

    The operator recently tested the technology in a lab in Turn in the north of Italy. According to research from Ookla, Itay’s average mobile broadband upload speed is 3.7MBps. NSN said the product improves the user experience, can double the peak upload data rate and help to boost network capacity. The solution is 3G-PPP compliant and uses the vendor’s Flexi Multiradio Base Station. 

    “We successfully tested NSN’s HSUPA 16QAM solution and achieved uplink transmission rates of up to 11 Mbps,” said Sandro Dionisi, director of Telecom Italia’s Lab. “The results prove that this technology is effective in increasing uplink data speeds which results in a superior smartphone experience for our broadband customers, especially when they post materials and updates online.”

    Massimo Mazzocchini, Head of CBT Telecom Italia Group at NSN, said operators need to find new ways to raise capacity of their network uplink in order to deal with the increased traffic volumes and still offer the best mobile broadband service.

    Telecom Italia is already using NSN’s Interference Cancellation receivers across its network. The products can help to increase uplink throughout by as much as 50 percent and increase the device’s battery life by reducing interference caused by heavy users. 

    NSN’s Frequency Domain Equaliser also achieves between 10 percent and 20 percent increase in uplink throughput, which increases to as much as 40 percent when the HSUPA solution is used with it.

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