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    Deutsche Telekom asks Airties to close the wi-fi reality gap with tight integration


    If broadband is a right then good quality wi-fi is essential

    Airties is to help Deutsche Telekom fine tune the broadband end product it delivers as the quality of wi-fi becomes essential, it said. The wi-fi specialist is to install its suite of ‘smart wi-fi’ systems across Deutsche Telekom’s entire infrastructure in Europe because, according to Airtiels, consumers are getting wise to telcos who market wi-fi and provide woe-fi.

    Deutsche Telekom (DT) has 242 million mobile customers, 27 million fixed-network lines, and 22 million broadband lines. Deutsche Telekom is already using RDK open source software to standardise the core functions of its broadband gateways but Airtie’s Edge software could provide the extra integration with the subscribers’ own broadband gateways. Meanwhile, Airties Cloud could provide home performance management and optimisation to customers throughout several markets in Europe.

    Airties’ hybrid cloud-edge design embeds intelligence into customer premises equipment (CPE) which then talks to the cloud to make it perform and respond better. Airties Edge is Wi-Fi software that directs all the internet-able things in the home, from computers, through consoles to cameras, to the best available channel and band (2.4GHz and 5GHz), according to the network conditions at the time. This software turns an existing home gateway or modem into an intelligent Wi-Fi access point, improving the quality and stability of connectivity within the home.

    This gives consumers a better quality of experience and operators a better quality of feedback which they can tweak further by acting on the ‘insights’ they get on connected devices. The most strategic advantage would be tightened cybersecurity. The Airties Vision companion app gives consumers instant data to manage their in-home wireless experience. Airties Cloud manages 33 million homes and supports 646 million devices across the globe.

    “Providing exceptional home broadband is of paramount importance to Deutsche Telekom, and that includes delivering the best possible Wi-Fi to our customers,” said Pedro Bandeira, Vice President of Product and New Business at Deutsche Telekom. Getting consistent, quality home wi-fi is more essential than ever before, according to Airties CEO Philippe Alcaras and DT has recognised this.