HomeNewsDeutsche Telekom boosts 4G network in Germany with new upgrades

    Deutsche Telekom boosts 4G network in Germany with new upgrades


    Deutsche Telekom has given 160,000 customers access to its LTE network after upgrading its infrastructure in more than 125 towns and municipalities.

    The operator has recently switched on almost 200 LTE base stations during June and July, the equivalent of just shy of 4,500 antennas being able to deliver 4G services. Its network can now offer LTE to 97.5 percent of Germany’s population.

    Deutsche Telekom is aiming to increase its team of base stations from 27,000 last year to 36,000 in 2021. It said it is targeting gaps in its network as well as moving to increase speeds in existing areas.

    By 2019, it has the target of 98 percent population coverage.

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    Walter Goldenits, Chief Technology Officer at Telekom Deutschland, said: “We are building the network for Germany.

    “The demands on mobile communications are growing constantly, and we cannot afford to ease up with our expansion, including in terms of 5G.

    “The availability of broadband internet connections is of fundamental importance for Germany as a place to do business, as well as for ensuring the best customer experience. That’s why we are investing so heavily, and at a far greater rate than any other company, in the build-out and expansion of our infrastructure.”

    Deutsche Telekom is also in the process of upgrading its fibre network across its home market. It said in August it had rolled out speeds of more than 250MBps to six million premises across Germany. It is targeting 15 million households with the technology next year.