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    Deutsche Telekom connects BMWs with LTE, Wi-Fi


    Deutsche Telekom is bringing LTE and Wi-Fi to BMW vehicles with the manufacturer’s ConnectedDrive technology, as well as moved to bring wireless to its motorcycles.

    The operator is installing eSIMs into BMW cars with ConnectedDrive, which can be used in more than 50 countries. Once installed into the vehicles, the eSIM can be updated over the air.

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    Drivers or passengers in vehicles with ConnectedDrive can now create a local Wi-Fi network through the operator’s HotSpot Drive portal. Up to 10 wireless devices can then be connected to the network.

    Deutsche Telekom said the service allows users to benefit from wireless connectivity across Europe. The first Wi-Fi hotspot was built into BMW’s latest 7 series models, which were released in October last year. More vehicles with the service will follow.

    Reinhard Clemens, member of the Deutsche Telekom Board of Management and T-Systems CEO, said: “What we’re doing is taking the best network and putting it inside the car. Telecommunication and IT are now providing the basic technology for digitisation of the motor vehicle. As an experienced automotive industry partner, we are proud to be part of this cooperative initiative.”

    Deutsche Telekom is also enabling LTE connectivity for BMW’s new Motorrad ConnectedRide, which will display journey related data on motorbikes. 

    The operator said one potential use of the technology could be to alert a cyclist to heavy traffic hidden behind a bend in the road.

    From next year, BMW motorbikes will also be equipped with eCall, sending details to the emergency services in the event of an accident.