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    Deutsche Telekom launches fleet management solution in Germany


    Deutsche Telekom has teamed up with an IoT company to launch a vehicle tracking solution in Germany.

    Drive & Track allows companies to optimise the routes of their vehicle fleets to reduce costs and CO2 emissions.

    The solution combines connectivity from Deutsche Telekom with telematics capabilities from Canadian company Fleet Complete.

    The standard version of the offering includes vehicle tracking and driving behaviour analysis, with a more advanced version adding automated reports of incidents such as excessive speed, abrupt braking and rapid acceleration.

    There most advanced version allows the customer to read data such as mileage, engine status, fuel tank capacity and diagnostic error codes from the vehicle’s engine control module through a tailored portal.

    In addition, companies can purchase a fleet sharing solution which allows a company’s employees to find and reserve vehicles equipped with RFID card readers.

    The company can automatically receive reports about location, status and driving behaviour.

    Dennis Nikles, Head of M2M/IoT Sales at Deutsche Telekom’s poco in Germany, said: “With its excellent mobile network, Deutsche Telekom ensures secure, reliable data transmission to and from fleet vehicles.”

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