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    Deutsche Telekom launches MagentaGaming platform


    The operator says it runs on edge compute to minimise the distance to the customer.

    Deutsche Telekom (DT) launched MagentaGaming in a beta phase at Gamescom 2019 a year ago.

    More than 20,000 users have tested the service extensively. It has been redesigned for the commercial launch and gained new functions.

    Customers can set appropriate age groups for children via various user profiles.

    Future in the cloud

    Scores are stored indefinitely in the cloud, so users can continue their game directly on another device and several players can play on one screen at the same time.

    Claudia Nemat (pictured), Board Member for Technology and Innovation, said, “The future lies in cloud gaming. Cloud-based technology innovations in combination with our strong Telekom networks – fixed network as well as mobile network – enable a perfectly coordinated end-to-end experience.

    “With MagentaGaming…a large number of gamers can…experience high-quality gaming without having to buy expensive equipment.”

    Free for starters

    Customers who order the service by 31 October 2020 can use it free of charge for three months. After that, it costs €6.95 a month.

    More information here about devices and content.