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    Digi ceases 3G network in Romania, signs Belgian wholesale deal 


    The telco will fully reuse the freed up 2100MHz spectrum for 4G and 5G 

    Digi Communications (RCS&RDS) has announced it has shut down its 3G network in Romania, refarming the 2100MHz spectrum to fixed and mobile 4G, and in the future 5G.  

    The mobile operator, with the country’s largest voice coverage according to the regulator ANCOM’s December 2022 statistics, will use the 2x15MHz for its 4G and 4G+ network outside metro areas where the spectrum is otherwise reserved for voice services used by terminals without 4G capabilities.  

    The telco said it now has a range of frequency allocations that will help it extend the range and capacity of its 4G and 5G networks using Carrier Aggregation including: 800Mhz, 2100Mhz, 2600Mhz FDD, 2600Mhz TDD and 3500Mhz TDD bands – depending on the capabilities of the device connecting.  

    Voice services are available both through VoLTE (voice over 4G) and through its 2G network – for this, Digi uses 5Mhz in its 900Mhz band. The telco said the transition from the 3G network marked a major stage in the evolution of its network: “bringing the new 4G and 5G technologies to the fore to ensure high-performance services, coverage and connectivity at the most advanced standards.” 

    Unlike many telcos across Europe, Digi said it remains committed to keep its tariff plans unchanged on its fixed and mobile packages. The telco added that 5G coverage will gradually develop to support superior internet access capabilities, better connection stability in congested areas and reduced latency.  

    Digi offers 5G for free as part of its commercial packages regardless of the type of subscription chosen – only dependent on the device capabilities. 

    Digi signs national roaming agreement with Proximus 

    Digi Belgium, the joint venture between Belgian operator Citymesh and Digi, has signed a national roaming agreement with Proximus. 

    The deal marks a milestone in Digi Belgium’s go-to-market plan, as it guarantees a five-year access right to Proximus’s national mobile network. In parallel, around 400 antenna sites from Proximus will be acquired, significantly accelerating Digi Belgium’s rollout. The sites will move into InSky, the company responsible for deploying the infrastructure of Digi and Citymesh. 

    “We’re on schedule!” exclaimed Citymesh Group chief strategy officer Ward Van Ooteghem. “In 2022, together with RCS&RDS, we acquired the package for the new Belgian telecom player. Creating a complete nationwide Digi network will take a few years, but thanks to this agreement, we can combine the strong Proximus coverage with the rollout of our own Digi network.” 

    He added: “This way, we can enter the market in 2024 with a comprehensive mobile offering for both consumers and business clients.” 

    Citymesh Group CEO Mitch De Geest said: “These were complex negotiations. This agreement is a crucial step in our masterplan. The goal remains to break the status quo in Belgium and demonstrate that quality and fair offerings are possible here too. We will be announcing the concrete plans very soon.” 

    Proximus Group CEO Guillaume Boutin said: “I am convinced we have reached an agreement that benefits all parties involved. The fact that Digi Communications Belgium and Citymesh Connect choose to collaborate with Proximus, highlights our mobile excellence and proves the strength of our open network strategy, allowing us to capture value out of the capacity, coverage and performance of our gigabit networks.”