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    DT and Google partner for rich messaging, sovereign cloud and TV services


    Tim Höttges says DT is raising the standard for sovereignty, security and privacy telco can get from a cloud partnership

    Deutsche Telekom (DT) has announced a major new cloud partnership with Google, days after ditching its own cloud gaming venture. DT’s CEO Tim Höttges (pictured) and Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the expanded partnership at a DT internal digital event involving 1,000 senior managers. 

    DT’s new release outlines how its cloud partner will improve its services in three areas; better mobile messaging for businesses, a new ‘sovereign cloud’ for Germany and a new Android TV-powered Magenta TV One set-top.

    Getting the best from RCS

    The advanced enterprise mobile messaging services will be Rich Communication Services (RCS) offered through Telekom RCS Business Messaging powered by Google and Jibe Cloud. DT and Google already offer mobile messaging services to millions of Android users in Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. The new improved partnership extends this service to Germany. Expect an interactive, modern messaging experience, says DT.

    The Rich Communication Service (RCS) standard for Android smartphones works on any model and cellular network. Despite the breadth of features, such as high-quality photos and videos, read receipts, advanced group messaging and encryption for individual chats, RCS has never taken off with the European subscriber. The high level of privacy and security could be a good selling point in the current climate.

    Sovereign cloud raises new standards

    The launch of the new Sovereign Cloud for Germany is being unveiled ahead of its original spring 2022 launch date. Initial availability will be limited to the Google Cloud Frankfurt region as the service is closely aligned to the government’s digitisation plans for public administration based on a multi-cloud strategy.

    The German administrators have imposed strict compliance requirements for sovereignty, transparency and open interfaces. In November 2021, DT and Google announced that they will be setting up a special co-innovation centre in Munich in order to meet these stringent standards.

    “The protection of personal data is of the utmost importance to us,” says DT CEO Tim Höttges. “Our new service is creating faster, more secure and convenient exchanges of messages between people and between companies and their customers.” 

    Magenta TV extends its brief

    The third aspect of the partnership will see DT’s premium television experience, MagentaTV One, powered by Android TV OS, being extended beyond its current German customer base into other European markets. T-Systems will manage a set of controls and measures, including encryption and identity management.In addition, T-Systems will control relevant parts of the German Google Cloud infrastructure.

    “Deutsche Telekom is a longstanding and important partner for us, going back to the launch of the G1, the first smartphone powered by Android, in 2008,” said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet.