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    Edgecore makes 400G gateway for 5G MNOs 


    High-bandwidth gateway NOS its way around the network Edge

    Edgecore Networks has unveiled the CSR440, a 400G addition to its line of disaggregated cell site gateways (DCSGs) based on the Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP) specification. It’s designed to give 5G mobile network operators (MNOs) an open and disaggregated cell site gateway that can talk to network operating software (NOS) from any vendor, including the likes of RtBrick, ADVA, IP Infusion, and Capgemini. it also can be used as a broadband network gateway (BNG), the company said.

    Broadcom chipset

    The CSR440 has 1/10/25-Gbps, 50/100-Gbps, and 100/400Gbps interfaces and is powered by a server-grade, 8-core, hyper-threading Intel Xeon processor and a Broadcom Qumran2a chipset. It has an 800-Gbps switching capacity with what Edgecore describes as “advanced features.” This gives it IEEE 1588v2 full timing features with Class C accuracy and the potential to provide an 802.1CM Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) interface. The latter supports SRv6 technology and eCPRI encapsulation for upcoming xHaul applications and installations. The CSR440’s 400G ports will also accept high-powered optics.


    The upshot is that the CSR440, a Cell Site Router, provides high-bandwidth links to the access edge of customer networks, sad Nanda Ravindran, vice president of product management at Edgecore Networks. “Customers who are upgrading their network infrastructure using the temperature-hardened CSR440 can meet 5G backhaul and xHaul requirements at remote cell sites,” said Ravindran. “We are accelerating the adoption of open networking for 5G and BNG applications.”