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    EE launches 4G-ready M2M network, aims for 4m connections by 2017


    EE has launched what it is describing as the UK’s first 4G capable dedicated M2M network and revealed that it has recently completed a trial of 4K video.

    EE Connect allows customers across the public and private sector to track all  their devices, set automated rules remotely and access granular reporting of data.

    The operator’s Control Centre will be where customers can control devices as well as remotely diagnose and repair issues with machines in the field.

    There are currently more than two million M2M connections on EE’s 2G and 3G network. EE predicted the launch of Connect will more than double that to four million by 2017.

    It said the network will support high bandwidth requirements, for video, in-car diagnostics and entertainment, as well as low latency needs, such as driverless cars and m-health.

    Gerry McQuade, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, EE Business said: “Every day, the strength and reliability of our 4G network allows businesses to develop innovative connected products and services that improve our lives – whether it’s telematics in cars that help improve driving and road safety, healthcare applications that drastically cut testing and diagnosis times, or connected infrastructure that creates smarter and more efficient public services.

    “EE Connect provides the best M2M management capabilities, on the best network, with the best service through a dedicated support team, which together is helping businesses create the connected technologies of tomorrow.”

    Yesterday, Ericsson, Sony Mobile and SK Telecom announced a project which would explore how wearable technology could use LTE in the most efficient way.

    Meanwhile, EE has completed a trial of 4K video over its network, just as Apple announced its new iPhone devices would support high quality video.

    The operator worked with video compression provider V-Nova on the trial, which took place near Paddington on a 65″ 4K screen using EE’s Osprey 4G Wi-Fi hotspot.

    A separate trial delivered content to tablets and phones on the road and rurally in The New Forest in the south of England.

    Both used V-Nova’s Perseus technology.

    Matt Stagg, Head of Video Strategy at EE, said: “We have built in a massive amount of capacity to our network because we know that our customers are demanding more and more video – it’s growing at a phenomenal rate.

    “As well as adding more bandwidth, we’re looking at intelligent, cost-effective ways of delivering video more efficiently, and more reliably in challenging environments such as densely populated urban areas and travelling at high speed in a car or on a train.

    “The trial with V-Nova has proven that smart software like PERSEUS can make a big difference for mobile network operators managing their long term video strategy.”