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    EE unveils world’s first 4G action camera


    EE has unveiled a 4G connected camera that enables customers to broadcast HD video content to other connected devices.

    The 4GEE Action Cam captures HD video (1080p or 720p for broadcast), provides three hours of active battery life and space for 64GB of external memory.

    The device comes with an accompanying viewfinder watch and Android/iOS app that allow users to control settings.

    It also waterproof to 60m.

    EE said the device was inspired by live-broadcasting apps such as Periscope and Meerkat and cameras such as GoPro.

    However, it said it found that there was no connected action camera on the market.

    The 4GEE Action Cam uses its personal broadcasting app skeegle, which was unveiled last week.

    skeegle differs from other similar platforms by the fact that content is only shared with a customer’s existing contacts.

    CEO Olaf Swantee said EE had reached a “tipping point” with 4G as coverage hit 90 percent and the customer base broke through the 10 million barrier. 

    Where there is no 4G coverage, the Action Cam will fall back on EE’s 3G network. It can also be connected via Wi-Fi. 

    Swantee said the company “recognized the need to expand coverage”.

    The device will be available from 1 August on shared plans, PAYG and contract.

    On a 24-month shared plan, customers can purchase the camera for £99.99 and then pay £10 per month.

    PAYG customers can pay £299.99 for the device plus 2GB of data for 30 days.

    Customers on monthly contract can pay £15 a month and get the device for free.

    Swantee commented: “Over the past two years we’ve witnessed how 4G connectivity has changed behaviour and instilled a desire to connect and communicate instantaneously when out and about.

    “The 4GEE Action Cam is… a product that keeps us connected in a new way, even in the most extreme conditions, sharing those epic moments as they unfold.

    “It’s the first of several highly innovative products from our devices portfolio to be unveiled this year for work and for play, offering a video experience like no other currently available on the market.”