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    ElevenPaths and Google firm partner to offer managed security analytics


    The agreement will extend the managed security offering for enterprise customers from ElevenPaths, Telefónica’s cybersecurity unit.

    ElevenPaths announced a strategic collaboration with Chronicle, a cybersecurity solutions company that is part of Google Cloud, intended to bring more powerful and flexible managed security analytics services to enterprise companies in Europe and Latin America.

    The rationale is that as the amount of security data generated by most enterprises is growing, the shortage of trained security professionals is pushing more enterprises towards a managed services model for security operations.

    Managed security service providers (MSSPs) and managed detection and response (MDRs) organisations can deliver more effective threat monitoring and response, with better economics, than internal efforts, according to Elevenpaths which does both.

    Integrated analytics

    Chronicle’s security analytics services will be integrated into ElevenPaths’ managed security offerings with the main benefits to customers being:
    • improved detection of potential threats, due to malware detection capabilities and skilled teams;
    • faster troubleshooting of security alerts due to Chronicle analysing telemetry at the speed of search; and
    • better investigation of incidents, based on a longer retention of security telemetry.
    The firms plan to build the new joint offerings for release later this year.
    Alberto Sempere, Director of Product at ElevenPaths, said, “Using Chronicle’s solution to process the sheer volume of security telemetry that a modern enterprise generates will allow our MDR team to speed time to investigate and to respond, thereby reinforcing cyber-resilience of our customers.”