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    Eltrona launches 1-Gbps DOCSIS 3.1 service


    Eltrona has switched on its DOCSIS 3.1 network, becoming the first operator in Luxembourg to launch a gigabit residential broadband service.

    In addition to providing ultrafast fixed-line access, the upgraded network also prepares the ground for backhauling 5G mobile data in future.

    Eltrona’s DOCSIS 3.1 network uses kit maker ARRIS’s R-PHY distributed access architecture (DAA), which, as the name suggests, virtualises and decentralises network headend functions, enabling the cableco to achieve even greater throughput.

    “Eltrona is proud to be the first operator in Luxembourg to offer gigabit residential broadband service,” said Paul Denzle, CEO, Eltrona. “We implemented ARRIS solutions across our entire network to take full advantage of our existing investments while building the capacity and flexibility to deliver a new crop of data-intensive services, including 5G. Our new network is not only more efficient, it’s also faster and ready for the future.”

    Dan Whalen, President, Network and Cloud, ARRIS, said:”Our latest deployment enables Eltrona to realise the benefits of DOCSIS 3.1 and DAA while building on its leadership position with new gigabit services. Together, we’ve ensured that Eltrona continues to stay at the forefront of Luxembourg’s broadband market.”

    According to Eltrona’s Website, the 1-Gbps service is priced at €99 per month. The official launch was attended by Luxembourg’s prime minister, Xavier Battel.