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    Ending on a high note: global equipment market up for 6th quarter in a row


    Dell’Oro Group predicts the market will continue to grow, but at a slower rate, next year. Happy holidays everyone.

    Dell’Oro Group says the global telecoms equipment market grew by 6%, on a year-by-year basis, in Q3.

    It found that Huawei is still by far the biggest single vendor, with a market share in the region of 28%, about the same as Ericsson and Nokia (its nearest rivals) combined, but the Chinese giant is losing market share gradually.

    “Ongoing efforts by the US government to curb the rise of Huawei is starting to show in the numbers, especially outside of China,” noted Dell’Oro in its announcement about the market numbers. 

    Among the other vendors, Cisco, Samsung and ZTE are increasing their respective market shares while Dell’Oro reckons the overall market is set to continue growing, topping $100 billion next year

    However, the rate of annual year-on-year growth is expected to slow from about 8% overall in 2021 to about 2% in 2022. 

    The research house drew its conclusions by combining data on its reports on broadband access, microwave and optical transport, mobile core and RAN, and service providers routers and switches.

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