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    Ericsson and Capgemini partner on private 5G, Telia signs up


    Ericsson and consultancy firm Capgemini have formed a global partnership to support operators in supplying private network solutions for enterprises.

    Manuel Ruiz, Head of Mission Critical and Private Networks at Ericsson, said, “Enterprises are seeking solutions to drive efficiency through the automation and digitalisation of critical business processes.

    “Mobile network technologies enable these companies to capture business value in areas such as industry automation and analytics, bringing efficiency, productivity and business model evolution to entirely new levels.”

    Telia goes first

    Telia will be their first customer, having signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work with them to identify, analyse and carry out joint commercial projects in the Scandinavian market.

    Magnus Leonhardt, Head of Strategy and Innovation, Telia Sweden, commented, “We’re joining forces with Capgemini and Ericsson to gain a better understanding of these opportunities and address them together.

    “Having complementary technology-related strengths, execution power, and reach, we can deliver joint solutions that reduce complexity for our customers by replacing a multitude of communications systems with one scalable, future-proof 3GPP solution for 4G and 5G.

    “We do this while offering enterprises the highest possible quality throughout the service and process lifecycle.”

    Driver for digitalisation

    Industries such as mining, railways, airports, seaports, manufacturing and hospitals are creating a growing demand for end-to-end, turnkey and industry-specific solutions, the partners said.

    Capgemini will bring its consultancy expertise to help communication service providers offer enterprises the best private network solutions.

    Jacques Assaraf, Global Head of the Telecom, Media & Technology sector at Capgemini, commented, “Our clients come to us with the challenges of how to accelerate growth and transformation through innovation and digitalisation.

    “We have identified private networks on 4G and 5G as a key driver to take digitalisation to the next level, and through the collective experience we get through this partnership, we will be able to radically increase the impact of what we do for our customers.

    “We have a strong global client base across all the industry segments, and many of our clients stand to benefit from our joint efforts with Ericsson and local network providers, as we continue to make substantial investments in the 5G and private network areas.”