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    Ericsson broadens 5G reach with China Mobile R&D deal


    Ericsson has extended its 5G research program by signing a collaboration deal with China Mobile.

    The five-year partnership will involve both companies verifying, trialling and standardising a 5G air interface. The two companies will also explore interworking between LTE and 5G, narrowband-IoT networks on a massive scale and collaboration on vertical use cases.

    Yuhong Huang, Deputy Head, China Mobile Research Institute, said: “[Our] Internet+ strategy is intensifying, and momentum is growing in China in relation to transformation and upgrade of traditional industrial lines and business models, by leveraging the most advanced information and communication technologies.

    “As the next generation of mobile infrastructure, 5G is the key pillar for ICT development globally. We feel that closer and more active cooperation between Ericsson and China Mobile will foster tangible results in 5G by helping to drive standardisation, research and development, and creating an integrated, cross-industry ecosystem.”

    Ericsson has been one of the busiest companies involved in 5G research. Last month it said it was partnering with MTS, with a view to launch a 5G network during the 2018 World Cup.

    A pilot network is expected to be launched by the end of 2016.

    Chris Houghton, Head of Region North East Asia, Ericsson, said: “With commercial implementation expected from 2020, Ericsson’s 5G research is coming out of the labs and into live test networks, both in our headquarters in Sweden and in collaboration with our operator partners in Northeast Asia, North America and Latin America.”