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    Ericsson: smartphone optimisation and packet gateway upgrade


    Ericsson launches Smartphone Network Optimisation

    • Rising smartphone uptake is driving new demands for network quality and a better end-user experience
    • Ericsson’s Smartphone Network Optimization addresses the challenge faced by operators
    • The offering helps operators remain competitive by ensuring the best possible network performance

    Growing consumer demand for constant mobile connectivity is presenting operators with excellent revenue opportunities, but operators also face the challenge of ensuring their networks can handle the high level of data traffic while maintaining service quality and an outstanding end-user experience. People want to be able to access social media, news, games, apps and other content all the time, no matter where they are. Ericsson’s Smartphone Network Optimization offering, which is being launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, helps operators to meet these challenges.

    “With Smartphone Network Optimization, we work with the operator to proactively plan for smartphone introduction and network expansion to achieve a network design and evolution that provides the best possible network performance – while maintaining cost efficiency,” says Eva Elmstedt, Vice President and Head of Product Related Services at Ericsson. “High-quality network performance is essential for operators to attract and retain smartphone subscribers.”

    Working with leading operators in smartphone-centric markets, Ericsson has established substantial experience, capabilities and tools including the following services: smartphone and mobile broadband audits, border optimization, capacity planning, and radio and transport optimization.
    A new Ericsson ConsumerLab report shows that faster connection speed is the main factor that would cause advanced mobile broadband users in the US to increase their use of data services. Overall, 46 percent of such users cited this reason, saying they wanted shorter waiting times while browsing. The second and third most important factors named were longer battery life and better network coverage – and an optimized network would address all three of these top factors.

    Ericsson’s new Gateway Lifts capacity boundaries

    • Ericsson Evolved Packet Gateway (EPG) application has higher capacity than any other mobile packet gateway on the market
    • Introduces network intelligence to effectively manage mobile data traffic growth, while allowing operators to offer diverse applications and choice in devices.
    • Combines the latest technology of the SSR 8020 platform with software used in the market-leading GGSN-MPG packet gateway

    Ericsson is today launching an application to run on its IP networking Smart Services Router (SSR) 8000 family offering that can handle more mobile data traffic than any other mobile packet gateway on the market.

    The Evolved Packet Gateway application, designed to be used with the SSR 8020, offers an order of magnitude higher capacity than the nearest competitor. The SSR 8000 family of Smart Services Routers is the next generation platform from Ericsson.

    Over the top (OTT) cloud-based services will continue to drive mobile broadband traffic in networks. This leaves operators looking for smart and cost-effective solutions to meet the challenges of rapid growth in data traffic and to create new business opportunities.

    With the Evolved Packet Gateway on SSR 8020, operators can attract and efficiently serve active mobile subscribers who drive traffic growth with their smartphones and tablets. It introduces network intelligence that enables operators to offer an unparalleled diversity of applications and choice in devices.

    Ericsson’s new Evolved Packet Gateway employs the application software that has successfully been used in the GGSN-MPG, operating in 240 networks in 130 countries, serving billions of subscribers. Working on the SSR 8020, capacity increases more than ten-fold and brings the same intelligence, without risk of teething problems.

    Jan Häglund, head of IP and Broadband, Ericsson says: “By deploying the Evolved Packet Gateway on the SSR 8020, we effectively lift the capacity boundaries for throughput, signaling and applications that are so often a topic of discussion in the industry. With this innovative solution, we leapfrog anything the competition can offer and warrant our market leadership.”
    With 40% of market share, Ericsson currently holds the leading position in the packet core network domain.