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    Ericsson to optimise content streaming for driverless cars


    Ericsson is working on “intelligent streaming” capabilities for connected cars with Volvo, allowing travellers to consumer tailored content on the move.

    Volvo announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show that it needed to meet the need for ubiquitous and high-bandwidth coverage outside of built-up urban areas.

    It said it wants to develop a means of delivering content to autonomous cars by using a mixture of cloud and mobile networks.

    Cars will “learn” the most common routes and times of travel, as well as the media preferences of a passenger. Future vehicles will be able to deliver one-click navigation and content tailored to the specific length of a journey.

    Claes Herlitz, Head of Automotive Services at Ericsson, said: “Our research shows that almost 70 percent of all mobile data traffic will be from video in the coming years. This requires an innovative connectivity, cloud and analytics solution that is not only capable of serving multiple moving vehicles across a highway, but also has the capacity to provide the high quality, uninterrupted video service today’s consumer is accustomed to.”

    Anders Tylman, General Manager Volvo Monitoring & Concept Centre at Volvo Car Group, added: “We recently unveiled our design vision for fully autonomous cars with Concept 26. Now we are actively working on future solutions to deliver the best user experience in fully autonomous mode.

    “Imagine a highway full of autonomous cars with their occupants sitting back watching their favourite TV shows in high definition. This new way of commuting will demand new technology, and a much broader bandwidth to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.”