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    ETNO joins GAIA-X, calls for EU leadership in the data economy


    The GAIA-X Association is designed to foster open and transparent European data infrastructure.

    ETNO, the trade association for telecoms operators in Europe, has been outspoken on the subject of Europe’s data policies and the reform of eprivacy laws.Telecoms was one of the founding sectors of the GAIA-X Association, which also includes several ETNO members from European countries.

    ETNO said in a statement that as the European Commission works to support a thriving European data economy, telecom companies can act as the bridge between the governance framework of future European data spaces and the underlying federated cloud infrastructures – which are the two main pillars of the EU Data Strategy.

    In this context, ETNO will contribute to the work of GAIA-X by promoting policies for a secure and interoperable framework for data sharing in Europe.

    European values

    ETNO is an advocate of EU policies that, by building on European values, push for European industrial leadership and innovation in the global data economy. This will be crucial to give more choice to European businesses and citizens when it comes to digital services, including cloud and data services.

    Lise Fuhr, ETNO Director General, said, “The open, transparent and ecosystem-oriented approach of the GAIA-X project has the potential to give a new role to the EU in the global data economy. We must strive for leadership, so that we can inject more European choice into digital markets”.