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    European Commission opens investigations of WWAN modem imports


    Option, a Belgian-based wireless technology company, has said that the European Commission has opened an anti-dumping investigation of imports of wireless wide area networking (WWAN) modems from China.  Option had requested the investigation and immediate registration of imports because of the damage caused by the sharp increase of  what it says are ‘obviously dumped’ imports into the European market.

    Because of the rapidity of the increase in imports and severity of the resulting damage to the market, says Option, the Commission has at the same time initiated a safeguard investigation on the request of the Belgian Government with regard to imports of WWAN modems.

    According to Option, the situation in Europe is very different from the market situation in many other parts of the world where fair trading conditions prevail. There, Option’s says its products compete well.

    Option believes it is very important for Europe to foster a competitive environment where fair market practices and respect for relevant legislation protect the interests of all parties active in the market.  The history of technology confirms that fair competition delivers the most innovation and growth. Unfair competition jeopardizes jobs, hurts end-users and developers and in the long run delays technological progress, it says.