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    European gang of 5 releases Open RAN tech priorities


     Signatories of the Open RAN MoU – Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica, TIM and Vodafone – follow up with Open RAN Technical Priority Document.

    Four of Europe’s biggest operator groups signed an MoU in January, expressing their support for Open RAN, and TIM joined them in February.
    The Open RAN Technical Priorities Document is the result of the work carried out under the MoU. It is a comprehensive list of technical requirements that the signatories consider are priorities for Open RAN architecture to guide and foster a competitive Open RAN ecosystem, promoting openness and flexibility.


    It includes the main scenarios and radio configurations targeted for operators’ deployment, providing hardware and software requirements for each of the building blocks of a disaggregated RAN.

    The overall system relies on open interfaces to allow multi-vendor deployment in a fully interoperable manner, and intelligent radio controllers and orchestration in a cloud-native environment to fulfil the potential of a fully automated network.

    The overall objective is to promote a fast pace for the development of open, virtualized and programmable RAN solutions, and support a timely roll-out of open RAN networks in Europe.

    The document can be downloaded from the TIP website here.