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    F-Secure launches back-up service


    Content back-up to be sold through operators

    F-Secure has launched Mobile Backup – a solution that allows users to back up mobile content, share it with friends and restore it on other devices. F-Secure Mobile Backup can be provided by operators as a stand-alone or bundled service. F-Secure said it provides operators with an excellent platform to increase brand leverage, revenue potential and retention rates.

    “Our solution allows the operator to tap into the growing market for online services while standing out with a solution that goes beyond basic security. It is quick and easy to install and file backup is done with an extremely simple and hassle-free interface,” says Sebastian Neittamo, Solution Manager at F-Secure.

    F-Secure said that Mobile Backup also comes with other value added benefits. It takes “a couple of clicks” to share content stored on the device with friends and family. This is performed via email or with built-in integration to most common social media sites such as Facebook. Restoring specific content, or even the whole backup data, is also “easy and automated”. The restore process can be performed on the same device, or the backup can be transferred to another device, even one with a different operating system. Other important features include efficient backup and preventing backing up while roaming, to avoid unwanted costs.

    “F-Secure’s operator partners will now be able to offer complete end-to-end protection for their mobile subscribers by combining Mobile Backup with the recently enhanced Mobile Security 7.5 solution. This offers an excellent boost to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty”, says Marko Rapeli, Director, Sales & Business Development, Mobile & OEM at F-Secure.

    F-Secure Mobile Backup is available to operators as a turnkey solution. F-Secure implements and hosts the backend storage system, and also provides a provisioning system. As part of the implementation project, F-Secure creates a customised end-user software package for the operator, as well as a web portal for web browser access to end-user data. Operators will find that F-Secure Mobile Backup is remarkably easy toimplement.

    Supported systems:
    F-Secure Mobile Backup supports Android, Symbian, iOS and Blackberry operating systems.