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    Fon seeks to broaden Wi-Fi experience with new connectivity solution


    Fon has released a Enhanced Connectivity Solution that aims to ensure communication service providers (CSPs) are connected to the best Wi-Fi network.

    Its quality of experience manager identifies the best available Wi-Fi network within range by scanning and assigning each network a real-time rating.

    The manager uses big data-based algorithms that considers the likes of radio interface, historical performance and a device’s context.

    After identifying the best network, a connection manager then automatically connects a device to it. If the quality of the Wi-Fi network is too poor, then the manager ensures a user stays on cellular.

    Fon said the solution was aimed at ensuring users had seamless connection when using specific Wi-Fi features such as Wi-Fi calling.

    The company has also developed a range of services to ensure CSPs have optimised their network by pinpointing low performance access points and monitoring roaming partner networks to ensure they are not interfering with outbound traffic.

    Enrique Farfán, COO at Fon, said preliminary tests revealed the solution reduced packet loss and disruption time caused by handover by up to 50 percent.

    He added: “Guaranteeing a high-quality connectivity experience is a top priority for communication service providers, and our latest solution is designed to make the Wi-Fi part easier than ever.

    “By ensuring that subscribers connect to the best Wi-Fi network available, operators can directly impact subscriber perception of their service.

    “Full visibility of the QoE on their networks from a subscriber perspective also means that CSPs can identify ways to optimise their deployments in terms of location, the number of hotspots they need, and other factors.”