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    Foundries and Arduino claim they’ve lifted the insecurity curse on the Internet of Things


    Embedded security makes each board a unit of fortification

    Cloud-centric Internet of Things (IoT) developer Foundries has used its edge computing expertise in its partnership with processor board maker Arduino to create Linux IoT and Edge systems with embedded security. The inherently secure IoT design is based on the idea that each processor board has embedded security functions in its silicon. The latest incarnation of this concept, the Arduino Pro Portenta X8, was released this week.

    Arduino is an open source electronics company that makes open hardware development boards that, it claims, are used by millions of developers. It will use Foundries’ cloud service, FoundriesFactory, to build its connected products. Foundries promise simplify the complicated process of incorporating your own IP and applications. It claims it can cut development time and costs, as well as eliminate mistakes.

    With its first product, the Yún, Arduino invented a new category of system building component by combining microcontrollers and microprocessors on a single hardware platform. Now the Portenta X8 offers more flexility, more option and more processing power, according to Arduino CEO Fabio Violante. 

    “You cannot think about a Linux-based device without anticipating the challenges of securing and maintaining it over time. This requires expertise, commitment and attention to every detail related to security and maintenance,” said Violante. 

    For this reason, it has partnered with Foundries to simplify its approach by giving customers ready-to-use system building blocks that they can us with confidence in their security.

    The IoT market will more than double in the next five years, according to Foudries, with demand for Edge devices expected to triple as the industrial IoT, Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure and robotics all take off. Managing the security of these devices, and the expenses associated with building and maintaining Linux, will be a major issue. 

    FoundriesFactory has claimed it is addressing these challenges with a cloud-based DevOps service to build, test, deploy and maintain these devices. It includes a customisable Linux microPlatform Operating system built using security industry ‘best practice’ and incremental over the air updates. 

    “Foundries is uniquely positioned to help Arduino install and maintain Linux systems for IoT and Edge applications,” said George Grey, CEO at Foundries. “The combination of the Portenta X8 and the FoundriesFactory will expedite production, increase product security and encourage rapid deployment of the Linux-based IoT and Edge products.”

    “This is a powerful alignment that will result in tangible advances for embedded developers and enterprises across a variety of vertical industries,” said Jeff Steinheider, general manager of the industrial edge processing product line at NXP Semiconductors. “This is the kind of strategic partnership that signals a new way of doing things and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.”