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    Vodafone puts Nokia Controller on trial – charged with SDN of an FWA


    Telcos can mass produce accessible fixed networks on Altiplano

    Finland’s Nokia is to work with Vodafone to see if its software-defined network manager and controller (the Altiplano SDN-M&C) can solve the telco’s problems with creating a multi-access fixed network technology for its divisions in Europe and Africa. The two companies have begun the collaboration with proof-of-concept trials in Europe. If the initial proof of concept trials prove successful, the SDN technology will be deployed more widely later this year, Nokia says.

    The trials will put Nokia’s Altiplano SDN-M&C in the dock. In the initial arguments, Nokia said that Vodafone selected Altiplano for its ability to work across its diverse and eclectic systems that span multiple generations of technology and a Smörgåsbord of different vendors’ kit with multi-access networks. Vodafone said it currently addresses 143 million marketable Next Generation Network (NGN) broadband homes in Europe.

    Nokia’s SDN management and control functions will be used to simplify, automate, visualise, optimise and improve Vodafone’s broadband networks and support its network-as-a-platform (NaaP) approach. It will also help Vodafone customise other services for its customers.

    Gavin Young, Vodafone’s head of Fixed Access Centre of Excellence said the telco wants to simplify and automate its network and IT systems across Europe and Africa because that can make the customer experience better and help it manage more devices as demand grows.

    “The last few years proved that the resilience of economies depends on our ability to quickly respond to changing societal needs,” said Young. “Nokia’s Altiplano will help our customers adapt to new developments even quicker.”

    The secret of the SDN Controller is that it uses open and standardised application programming interfaces and open source where applicable, according to Sandy Motley, president of Nokia’s Fixed Networks. Nokia’s Altiplano Access Controller can manage and control anything, Motley said. “SDN-native, disaggregated, legacy and third-party equipment is highly customisable,” said Motley, “[it] can suit operator needs now and in the future.”