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    Freenet launches eSIM-based data roaming with 1Global 


    The new service freenet Travel will be available in more than 100 countries and includes a variety of data packages

    German service provider freenet has teamed up with eSIM operator 1Global to launch its own mobile data roaming service, freenet Travel, which new and existing users can activate on their smart devices.  

    To use the service, customers download an eSIM profile, free of charge, using a QR code on the telco’s website. With the activated eSIM profile from freenet Travel, the user is automatically sent a roaming offer via SMS when moving to a country outside the EU. According to freenet’s website, 1GB, 5GB, 10GB and 20GB packages are available.  

    Once downloaded, a 1Global eSIM can be used as many times as needed in any of the countries supported by the company’s network. “By using 1Global eSIM capabilities, we are embracing a future-proof, modern technology. “This enables us to further expand our positioning around digital lifestyle offerings,” said freenet head of digital lifestyle Salomé Andrade Pohl.  

    Depending on the country, Freenet promises savings of up to 50% compared to alternative offers. For example, 1 GB of data volume for seven days in Switzerland starts at €3.99, while for the US and Turkey the same volume can be booked for €5.99. 

    “We are among the few providers worldwide capable of supplying and configuring eSIMs ourselves. Through this partnership, millions of freenet customers can now book various data packages for countries outside the EU, allowing them to communicate cost-effectively during their travels,” said 1Global founder and CEO Hakan Koç.  

    Phoenix from the Truphone ashes 

    Founded in 2022, the company was born out of adversity, being the UK-based mobile network firm Truphone which was put up for sale due to one of its backers being a certain Roman Abramovich. At the time it was reported that Hakan Koç and Pyrros Koussios picked up the asset for the princely sum of £1. Truphone employed around 450 people, and had coverage across 200 countries, with 400 direct network agreements in place. 

    Headquartered in London, with an R&D hub in Lisbon, 1Global now has 400 employees across 12 countries and has been granted fully regulated MVNO status in nine of them. 

    Besides telcos, the company is also targeted fintech and travel firms. For example, fintech Revolut has integrated the 1Global API to give fast access to its low-cost global mobile network. Users can install the eSIM from within the Revolut app in under a minute. This gives them complete control of their connection, including a display of data consumption. They can also use the app to buy a data plan even when they’ve already run out of allowance. 

    Freenet instead chose the third party/affiliate relationship with 1Global, using the QR code that directs the user to download their eSIM and 1Global software. 1Global has developed a complete eSIM ecosystem including Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) and Entitlement Servers, ensuring the “highest quality throughout the eSIM deployment lifecycle”, according to the company. 

    As a telecommunications technology innovator, we have created our own global telecommunications network and can issue eSIMs and an International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI),” said Koç. “This distinguishes us from vendors who do not have their own network infrastructure and simply resell data packages.”