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    G&D secures Deutsche Telekom’s mobile wallet with new SIM


    Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is providing an NFC capable secure SIM-card for Deutsche Telekom’s new digital wallet proposition, MyWallet.

    The vendor has built a secure data vault in the SIM card to protect user information about payments, as well as ticketing and identification applications that will come in the future. The vault can hold up to 1.3MB of data and also features a processor that can load required apps in a short period of time, despite the need to encrypt and decrypt information.

    The SkySIM CX card has been approved by EMVCo, the digital and m-payments technical body, as well as American Express Visa and Mastercard. The vendor is also supplying Deutsche Telekom with the Mastercard PayPass payment app as the first product to feature in the operator’s digital wallet.

    G&D said the SIM can suport several SIM applications running securely at the same time on the card. The SIM also supports transit applications such as  MIFARE, CIPURSE, and Calypso.

    Stefan Auerbach, Head of Mobile Security at Giesecke & Devrient, said: “This assignment came about as a result of the intensive security partnership between our two companies. We have channeled all our leading technological expertise in electronic payment transactions and the SIM card market into this solution. With the SkySIM CX product line, Deutsche Telekom now has access to a future-proof technology platform that will enable a variety of contactless NFC services for consumers to be launched on a flexible basis in future.”

    Meanwhile, Boku has become a strategic partner of Deutsche Telekom’s payment offerings, providing the operator with a mobile payments API that allows its customers to pay for products using their mobile phone account.

    The deal builds upon the previous deal between the two companies covering Germany. The new Europe-wide deal extends carrier billing to more than 140 million customers.

    James Patmore, Managing Director of EMEA for Boku, said: “As Boku continues to bring on large merchants with more sophisticated requirements, it requires a deeper level of coordination with the large carrier groups to offer a solution that can deliver across multiple markets and via multiple carriers. This deal is a key milestone in the continuing journey of making mobile payments an established payment system that is accessible to billions of consumers around the world.”

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