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    Greenpacket adds QoS to WiFi



    Greenpacket has added Wi-Fi QoS features to its portfolio of Carrier Wi-Fi Experience Management and Mobile Data Offload solutions. The objectives of Wi-Fi QoS are multiple; it improves the ability of devices to discover Wi-Fi networks, provides an effective means to mobile operators to prioritize and select the right Wi-Fi access point for attachment and in turn offers the best of Wi-Fi experience to subscribers.

    The Wi-Fi QoS feature works as a client-based checker that aggregates, measures and monitors the subscriber device and Wi-Fi network status in assisting to switch between 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. To provide carrier-grade service, a robust QoS implementation is necessary to gain visibility of the Wi-Fi link to avoid latency and jitter which can affect service quality.

    Greenpacket said it is actively engaging major carriers in both the North American and European market for its QoS products and is seeing increased interest in Asia Pacific. 

    Kelvin Lee, Senior General Manager of Greenpacket said, “Data offloading is not just simply moving subscribers from 3G to Wi-Fi. Our solution’s QoS capability ensures user experience is maintained before and after offload. With QoS, poor user experience with Wi-Fi within the Operator’s network will become a thing of the past. Operators can now guarantee its subscribers satisfactory user experience even with multiple service offerings.”

    “With the flurry of smartphones already in the market and newer ones equipped with LTE, operator networks will be further stressed as subscribers demand even richer multimedia contents and applications. Not all networks will have full 4G LTE availability and until that happens, the bulk of traffic will rely heavily on the 3G network and making Wi-Fi even more prominent as a complimentary network to share the data load.” Lee added.

    “Further ahead, the standard of Hotspot 2.0 supporting QoS as one of its many features is still in its infancy and, most Wi-Fi access point forming Wi-Fi networks today are not Hotspot 2.0 ready. Our solution architecture is readily available to bridge this gap. Beyond that it also works hand in hand with ANDSF features to support delivery of advanced QoS policies, roaming, network selection and more.”