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    How Pervasive AI can Help Telcos Optimize Costs


    In our latest campaign, we at Comarch show various applications and benefits of AI-driven services in the telecom industry. In the first episode, available now, operators can discover how introducing pervasive AI can allow telcos to optimize their long-term costs and increase efficiency.

    Comarch shows that utilizing artificial intelligence at its best can provide telecoms with a tool to better manage their resources and offer more personalized services to end-customers. Automation and machine learning mechanisms can help telco employees focus on important tasks, instead of spending time on tedious and repetitive ones.

    Apart from demonstrating the benefits of implementing pervasive AI, the episode features real-life successful use cases of such services as automated situation detection and automated baseline generation and anomaly detection, so that operators can see how AI-driven services are already supporting telecoms. The first episode features a video and a white paper focusing on:

    • How pervasive AI can help telecoms save money
    • What are the concerns behind introducing AI-driven technology?
    • How introducing pervasive AI influences future implementations
    • Why artificial intelligence is the future of telecoms

    Learn more about the proposed adaptation of pervasive artificial intelligence in the telecom industry –  Download the white paper