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    Huawei builds new solution to cut base station energy use


    Huawei has introduced an energy management solution which it said could cut the annual power usage of a typical base station up to 15 percent.

    PowerStar combines analysis of historical traffic data with automated models for energy management to help operators meet their own energy usage targets without impacting network performance.

    The solution is software-based and provides a visualised display of energy-saving effects across base stations and mobile networks.

    Using technologies such as AI, the solution includes features such as moving users from higher to lower spectrum bands in order to increase power savings.

    The vendor claims the solution could prevent around two million kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the atmosphere for every 1,000 sites.

    Cao Ming, Vice President of Huawei’s Wireless Product Line, said: “Climate change is a top sustainable development goal (SDG) priority. The entire telecom industry must work together to save energy and cut the emissions of mobile networks and make active efforts to fulfil the SDGs set by the UN.

    “PowerStar has been running on a trial basis in a number of countries, including South Africa, Indonesia, and China.

    “We are confident that this solution can help over 90 percent of global carriers wind down energy consumption, contributing to a reduction of 4.5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.”