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    Microsoft Azure powers Telia IoT platform


    Telia has partnered with Microsoft to introduce a new suite of IoT solutions to customers.

    The operator’s IoT platform is based on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, offering solutions ranging from basic connectivity to data analytics and storage.

    The partners will offer both generic and customised solutions with the aim of addressing the whole IoT market.

    The new capabilities will be available to customers across Telia’s Nordic and Baltic markets, although a timescale for launch was not given.

    The platform is already being used by FM Mattsson Mora Group, a Swedish tap manufacturer which is using the platform to collect and analyse data from water mixers in public washrooms.

    Björn Hansen, Head of Enterprise and Public IoT, Telia Division X, said the operator had chosen Microsoft in order to be able to offer the “most advanced” IoT platform on the market.

    Hansen said: “We see that companies and organisations in our part of the world are ahead in embracing and using technology to drive new business and innovation, and on our newest IoT Networks (NB-IoT) we already have some 40 customers testing their solutions across the Nordics.

    “But when considering the potential, then we’re only at the beginning of full-scale IoT deployment, and that is where access to scalable hosted IoT Platforms becomes important. This will change things for real.”

    Annica Wallenbro Stojcevski, Business Group Lead for Data, AI and Cloud at Microsoft, said the platform would allow “customers to further expand and explore the possibilities within IoT, data and cloud services in a secure environment.”

    Yesterday (19 April) Telia announced it was launching NB-IoT and LTE-M solutions for the construction industry.