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    Huawei extends 5G collaboration with Telefónica


    Huawei is working with Telefónica on researching next generation radio access networks, in the latest operator and vendor collaboration on 5G.

    The project will cover cloud RAN and massive MIMO, as well as a focus on spectrum efficiency and cloud-based network architecture.

    In a joint statement, both companies said the partnership was necessary to develop ways of ensuring ultra-high throughput, low levels of latency and networks connecting huge numbers of people and objects.

    It builds upon a strategic partnership that the two companies signed in November, in which they agreed to work on air interface technology, performance evaluation and verifying prototypes.

    Enrique Blanco, Chief Technology Officer, Telefónica Group, said: “We are very pleased to have reached this further agreement with Huawei to keep cooperating on 5G and the next generation RAN. The collaboration with Huawei in this area allows sharing the true requirements of a global operator as Telefónica, and helping to focus on providing the right solutions on this Advanced Network at the right time.”

    According to David Wang, President of Huawei Wireless Network, Telefónica has “certain insights about the future trends of the mobile network”. 

    He added that his company was “investing massively” in technology to enable 5G.

    Telefónica’s 5TONIC 5G research centre is set to open in November this year and will focus on virtualisation technology.

    The operator is also working with Ericsson on researching technology and use cases of 5G.