HomeNewsHuawei jumps fully into AI, offers new energy friendly network range

    Huawei jumps fully into AI, offers new energy friendly network range


    Huawei has launched a new series of AI chips that it said could power future network infrastructure and devices, as well as announced new energy efficient hardware.

    The Chinese vendor said it wants to develop a widespread AI strategy and portfolio of chipsets.

    The Ascend 910 and 310 chips that were announced yesterday (9 October) are aimed at delivering maximum computing power at data centres as well as enabling energy efficiency.

    The new products form part of a wider AI portfolio which spans chipsets for operator oriented neural networks, software for device, edge and cloud computing, as well as AI for industrial IoT.

    Huawei Rotating Chairman Eric Xu said: “Huawei’s AI strategy is to invest in basic research and talent development, build a full-stack, all-scenario AI portfolio, and foster an open global ecosystem.”

    The vendor said its next steps are to invest further in AI research, build a new full-stack portfolio and strengthen its existing range, develop an open ecosystem and drive operational efficiencies at the company by using artificial intelligence.

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    In a separate announcement, Huawei said it is launching new energy efficient network infrastructure products to reduce the capex required for site modernisations.

    It cited internal research that suggested 70 percent of operator sites would have insufficient power for 5G networks.

    It is positioning its new 5G Power range as a means of overcoming these challenges, improving energy efficiency and reducing capex. The range uses peak shaving, linked voltage boosting and energy slicing technology across its hardware.

    Tao Hongming, President of Huawei Telecom Energy Business, said: “Based on deep understanding of pain points carriers are facing in the progress of network evolving, Huawei 5G Power Solution achieves end-to-end synergy from wireless network to telecom energy, which will further enable carriers to build networks quickly, reduce site energy consumption, and maximise their investment value.”