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    Huawei stays Agile with new IoT products


    Huawei has launched a new Internet of Things lineup to help businesses build and deploy IoT networks.

    The vendor’s Agile Network 3.0 architecture includes a new “lightweight” IoT operating system, which Huawei said would foster the development of new apps and hardware for enterprises.

    LiteOS weighs in at just 10KB and requires no configuration, supporting both auto-discovery and auto-networking, Huawei said.

    According to the vendor, the operating system will be open to developers and is suitable for cross-industry applications in smart homes, wearables and connected vehicles.

    In addition to LiteOS, Huawei’s Agile IoT solution includes the vendor’s IoT Gateway and Agile Controller.

    Huawei also launched new data centre, Wide Area Network and security technologies during its annual Huawei Network Congress in Beijing.

    Huawei said it was committed to developing what it labelled “business-driven ICT Infrastructure” (BDII) by establishing “an industry application-oriented IoT ecosystem”.

    Liu Shaowei, President of Switch and Enterprise Communication Product Line at  Huawei, said: “In line with our approach to provide BDII, Huawei will continue to work with more partners to launch solutions based on our Agile Network architecture for different vertical industries.”

    Yan Lida, President of Huawei’s Enterprise Business Group, said: “Over the last three years, Huawei has been involved in a number of in-depth technological collaborations with our global industry partners in IoT. We have developed a series of IoT solutions that have already been applied to buildings, electricity meters, vehicles, gymnasiums, factories, retail outlets, and street lights.”

    Huawei also spent this week testing Category 11 LTE-A with Qualcomm.

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