HomeNewsHuawei supplies NE5000E routers to build 40Gb IP/MPLS backbone network for MegaFon

    Huawei supplies NE5000E routers to build 40Gb IP/MPLS backbone network for MegaFon


    Huawei has announced that Russian mobile operator MegaFon has selected Huawei NE5000E routers to construct backbone nodes for a 40Gb IP/MPLS network in Russia’s largest cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    The deployment of the 40 Gb IP/MPLS backbone network will allow MegaFon to optimize the existing core network and extend the service range of its subscribers with 3G data services. To face this challenge and to increase bandwidth of the network infrastructure, MegaFon selected NE5000E Huawei backbone routers. These routers offer a large set of 10 Gb and 40 Gb high quality interfaces that can support a scalability of up to 100 Gb as well as a large port capacity that can be extended to 200 Tb.

    “In the All-IP era, basic network infrastructure requirements of operators include the opportunity for dynamic bandwidth extension, high quality of service, reliability, and effective management of all system components. Huawei’s NE5000E solution corresponds to all these requirements, and that is why we selected it for realization of this project in Russia,” said Oleg Nikolaenko, CTO of MegaFon.

    “A growing number of operators are aiming at increasing their telecom channel bandwidth to 40 Gb to provide their subscribers with access to advanced applications. In terms of an All-IP convergence strategy, the NE5000E routers developed by Huawei allow operators to significantly increase network bandwidth and cut down operation and maintenance costs,” added Hu Kewen, president of Carrier IP Product Line, Huawei.