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    Huawei switches on smart lighting solution, opens Munich Openlab


    Huawei has launched a 6LoWPAN-based smart lighting solution, which it claimed with reduce energy consumption by up to 80 percent, as well as announcing a new OpenLab for Munich.

    The vendor’s lighting solution will connect street lamps and allow cities to manage the performance of every light, enabling an “on-demand” service.

    The 6LoWPAN technology is that adopted by the Thread smart-home consortium. It has low levels of power consumption and can self-diagnose problems.

    The solution is based on open architecture, with base layer processor development able to be built through Huawei’s open-source Lite-OS, which it launched last year.

    Huawei said this would allow the lighting network to be integrated with other smart city solutions.

    Wu Chou, CTO of Huawei Switch and Enterprise Communications Product Line, said: “Lighting IoT lays a solid foundation for the integration of a variety of sensors, to facilitate functions such as environmental and transportation monitoring, and installation of smart charging facilities and intelligent rubbish bins, providing Smart City development with valuable big data and integrated interaction to improve citizens’ lives.”

    Meanwhile, its new Openlab, a first in Munich, will focus on research into the Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data.

    The centre will act as an incubator for companies to working together on solutions across the various sectors. The Chinese vendor said visitors to the centre will be able to see solutions for smart cities, IoT, public safety, smart lighting and big data.

    Huawei said Openlab would be connected to a network of 10 research centres around the world to share data on business models, markets and technical solutions.

    The vendor said more than 25 partners, including T-Systems, SAP and Intel, have expressed an interest in working in the new Openlab.

    Christian Lamprechter, Germany Country Manager, Intel, said: “We believe there are great opportunities for Huawei and Intel to collaborate as Intel also has an IoT Openlab in Munich, which enables the two parties to share talents, technical platforms and other resources.

    “We look forward to strengthening the exchange and collaboration with Huawei in areas such as developing and marketing end-to-end IoT solutions, with the goal to deliver greater value to customers.”

    David He, President of Marketing and Solution Sales of Enterprise Business Group at Huawei, said: “To respond quickly to new market opportunities, Munich Openlab helps enterprises develop competitive, commercialised solutions by testing technical solutions in a real network environment.

    “This open, collaborative platform enables enterprises to capitalise on the aggregate value of industry-leading technology and expertise while facilitating development of the industry ecosystem to create greater value for customers.”

    Last month, Huawei signed separate memorandums of understanding with TeliaSonera and TIM to explore IoT and 5G technologies.

    The vendor is also working with Orange on developing more energy efficient network infrastructure.