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    ZTE takes part in e-health project with Telefónica, launches LoRa meters


    ZTE is working on a smart home and e-health project with Telefónica Deutschland as well as LoRa-based smart meters in the vendor’s latest Internet of Things play.

    At the CeBIT conference in Germany, the Chinese vendor was named as a partner in a memorandum of understanding with

    Telefónica Deutschland and the Düsseldorf health department to build a open lab for healthy ageing and the smart home.

    The project will begin in the second quarter of this year, with the partners working on a way of trialling how digital technology can help the elderly live safer and longer.

    Sensors will be used to track the movement of residents, with relatives receiving information several times a day. If anything erroneous occurs, they will be notified by a special status message.

    Data is collected by a cloud-based trend analysis platform provided by ZTE and hosted in a Düsseldorf data centre. Information is only accessible by authorised people.

    Pia von Houwald, Director Business Development at Telefónica Deutschland, said: “Our cooperation with ZTE and the Municipality of Düsseldorf is an important flagship eHealth project. It is a good combination of the benefits of digitalisation with important questions regarding the future of social interaction.”

    Meanwhile, ZTE has also released three new LoRa-based smart meters. The products can also support RS485, M-BUS, Zigbee, RF-Mesh, PLC and GPRS communication technologies, once the respective modules have been configured.