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    Huawei, Telefónica complete trial of SDN-based IP/optical tech


    Huawei and Telefónica’s Peru subsidiary have completed a field trial of combined IP and optical transport technology using software-defined networking (SDN).

    The field trial in Lima used Huawei routers and optical transport network (OTN) switches, as well as Reconfigurable Optical Add-drop Multiplexer (ROADM) transport platforms, which enable users to remotely switch network traffic at the wavelength layer.

    During the test, Huawei and Telefónica carried out a number of SDN functions including automatic network provisioning, multi-layer service provisioning, multi-domain Label Switched Path (LSP) creation and multi-layer network restoration.

    Huawei hailed the trial as a “key milestone” for its SDN-based IP and Optical Synergy solution, which the vendor plans to bring to a live pilot phase before rolling it out commercially. 

    The China-based company said combining IP and optical technologies would enable high speed, high-capacity backbone networks offering real-time optimisation, traffic distribution and network management.

    The field test follows a proof-of-concept lab test conducted by Huawei and Telefónica last year.

    Huawei said: “[We are] committed to developing SDN architectures that support operator business transformations and innovations. These architectures will help operators improve operational efficiency, achieve flexible service deployment, and open network capabilities.“

    Last month, Huawei revealed it was helping develop an open network architecture for software-defined networking to help support operators moving towards virtualised business models.

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