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    IE launches mobile banking platform


    IE, part of the Parseq group providing digital banking software for financial services, today announced the launch of mobinetic, a mobile banking platform that offers financial providers the ability to deliver fully branded mobile banking services and value-add initiatives to their customer base.

    mobinetic is said to enable banks to overcome their lack of specialised internal resource and offers a production-ready solution to easily and rapidly launch mobile banking to market. It integrates seamlessly with back office systems so that banks can quickly benefit from the reduced operational costs and improved customer relationships that mobile banking enables.

    James Richards, director of mobile for IE, said: “A number of high profile financial providers have already signed up to mobinetic and deployed it to their customer base. Our success in the market to date builds on more than 15 years’ experience of deploying integrated and secure digital solutions within core banking environments.”

    Using mobinetic, banks’ customers have a convenient, highly secure method to access account information anytime, anywhere. The IE platform will support smart phone apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7, as well as mobile web and text banking experiences for virtually every other handset available.

    Beyond the immediate customer service benefits of mobile banking, banks can also capitalise on the marketing potential of the mobile. IE’s mobinetic platform can manage and disseminate personalised location specific offers and marketing, enabling banks to tap into a valuable revenue stream.