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    Infovista helps Botswana give painless berth to 5G


    Customers must enjoy the experience

    Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC) has asked network life cycle automator Infovista to ease its transition from 4.5G into a full 5G operator. Infovista channel partner Mozark, a specialist reseller and systems integrator will use the TEMS PocketParagonDiscovery and Planet systems to plan, test, optimise and benchmark each stage of the gradual system transformation.

    The network building management packages work on several levels, from the mobile network layer to the subscriber level, smoothing the operation of connected services such as BTC Smega mobile money. Planet, Infovista’s RF planning software and optimisation system will fine tune BTC’s existing 4G and impose the same disciplines on future 5G networks.

    One of Mozark’s specialities is improving digital customer experiences, which involves working with BTC’s crowdsourced data. The 5GMARK for Enterprise network testing system will gather data from BTC’s applications and network, which can be ingested and analysed by its data visualisation tool MAG-M. After synthetic testing, end-to-end automation and on-field infrastructure analysis it can report to a diagnostic platform to monitor and identify failure points in the BTC network’s metamorphosis.

    Mozark’s crowdsourced data maps will help BTC engineers to visualise the network’s performance, helping it to plan its future network investments using the Planet system, which highlights areas that need to be drive tested. This is a job conducted using Infovista’s TEMS product suite which organises network testing and measurement. After using TEMS BTC can conduct drive testing and benchmarking of its entire nationwide mobile network, a process that is considerably faster and more accurate with the Infovista software. Pin point accuracy and planning are vital when drive by testers have a vast area of territory to cover, as is the case in a landmass as big as Botswana.

    “Networking in Botswana is a huge logistical and operational challenge,” said Peter Olyn, General Manager Technology at BTC, “Infovista’s planning and network testing could make the quality of experience transit from 4.5 to 5G painless for us and seamless for the customers.”