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    Intel launches AI unit, targets industry standards


    Intel has combined its artificial intelligence (AI) efforts into a single unit to capitalise on what it sees as a growing market opportunity.

    The new division, called the Artificial Intelligence Products Group (AIPG), will bring together engineering, labs and software resources from across the company.

    Work will focus on building out its Nervana platform, which provides a full stack of AI-related hardware and software.

    Intel will also create an applied AI research lab that will aim to explore new architectural and algorithmic approaches.

    “Intel intends to rally the industry around a set of standards for AI that ultimately brings down costs and makes AI more accessible to more people – not only institutions, governments and large companies, as it is today,” wrote Naveen Rao, VP and GM of the new division, in a blog post.

    Intel is not alone in its efforts to establish AI standards. Telco standards body the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) recently created a working group that will define an AI-based architecture for automated network management.

    Major telecoms industry players are also investing in AI as it promises new revenue streams and cost-cutting opportunities.

    Telenor, for example, has opened a new lab in Norway that will use data from its networks to examine how AI can be used for “real-life problems”.

    Earlier this month, Intel acquired Mobileye as it looks to bolster its connected car capabilities.