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    ip.access launches own-brand consumer femto


    ip.access, which until now has not directly targeted the 3G residential femtocell market with a product all of its own making, has announced a new, consumer-focussed product – the C8 – to its European user group meeting.

    Although ip.access’ Oyster 3G technology powers AT&T’s MicroCell, the femto product that Cisco provides to AT&T, ip.access has not manufactured its own consumer class product to date. The C8 will change that, being an access point aimed squarely at residential usage and developed and manufactured entirely by ip.access.

    Andy Tiller, ip.access SVP product strategy said, “We are further extending our nano3G solution with our own C-class product as a natural complement to our existing S-Class and E-Class 3G units.”

    As its name suggests, the C8 supports up to eight phones on the cell.