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    Is turning up and verifying DAS installations a problem?


    Distributed antenna systems are proliferating as carriers scramble to enhance quality-of-service in densely packed venues such as sports stadiums, shopping malls, and convention centers. In such environments, cell-tower coverage simply cannot handle the dense traffic of tens of thousands of voice calls and the image/video transfers endemic to smartphones.

    The carrier who does handle the traffic sets itself apart as a provider, and that is why DAS are becoming so popular.


    Read how JDSU and Alcatel-Lucent teamed up to ensure cell cover for RAN/RF test at the recent World Cup in Brazil. Maracanã stadium is an icon of soccer in Brazil, and it received a facelift to house 82,000 fans for the final game. Cell coverage at this stadium is a matter of national pride and the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications (ANATEL) supervised the work of ensuring top network performance. After struggling for some time with inadequate signal coverage, poor voice quality on calls, and unreliable data connections, Alcatel-Lucent purchased handheld indoor drive-test units from JDSU to find the real causes behind these issues.