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    James Parton leaving Telefonica’s BlueVia


    O2's well known head of marketing for its BlueVia developer platform, James Parton, is leaving Telefonica. BlueVia announced in a blog post today that Parton will be moving on to a new post.

    BlueVia is an important touchstone within the industry because its open telco API approach has gained traction with developers, and has been mostly well received by a community that is historically suspicious of mobile operator developer relations.

    Parton was involved in what might be termed O2's prototype for Blue Via, Litmus, so has a long background in fostering the development of applications that take advantage of telco and telephony APIs.

    Parton will become Director of European Marketing at Twilio, beginning in June. He is Twilio's first hire outside the USA. Twilio provides cloud-based telephony infrastructure APIs to businesses to help them build voice and text communications into their apps. Existing customers include EBay, Hulu and Intuit.

    That's an interesting jump over the fence for Parton, but one that very much makes sense. (UPDATE: There's a post from James giving a little more detail here: )

    Meanwhile, there is a vacancy for a head of marketing at Blue Via. Fill your boots.