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    KPN to launch 4Gbps symmetrical broadband later this month


    At launch, on 23 October, this will be the fastest broadband available in the Netherlands

    From 23 October, KPN will launch synchronous broadband at 4Gbps. It will be first available to customers who chose its broadband service based on XGS-PON technology, which has been available since 2012.

    KPN said 1Gbps is the standard people expect, no matter how many other people are doing things online in one house at the same time.

    The service is offered via a dedicated modem, Box 14, which can handle speeds up to 10Gbps and is equipped with Wi-Fi 6. It will cost €67.50 per month, “complementing” KPN’s other broadband options.

    XSG-PON Technology

    KPN said its strategy is to ensure about 80% of Dutch households are connected to fibre by the end of 2026, through its partnership with Glaspoort. Its XSG-PON technology has passed about 1 million premises so far, but KPN offers its network on a wholesale basis, so other service providers to offer services to their customers.

    When it is introduced, the 4Gbps service from by KPN will be the fastest broadband in the Netherlands. Last November, KPN trialled broadband running at 20Gbps symmetrically with Nokia.